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Thanks to Howieisyummy on Jokers Updates for this great picture!

Can Ivette be anymore annoying??? Oh how I hate her! First we have to start off the episode with her running around the house like a maniac screaming that she won HOH. Embarrassing. Then, we see her damn HOH room and the picture of Ivette and her girlfriend Maggie #2 (with that stupid nickname Tushie). Who else laughed when Maggie#1 and April were fawning over the gay Maggie and said, "OH! I LOVE HER! LOOK AT THOSE CURLS!" Um, ok. Big stinkin' liars! Janelle is the only truthful one that said, "I don't want to slander anyone on national TV, but her girlfriend is ugly as hell!" Oh C'mon, you know you laughed at that too! One of the best parts of the night was Howie walking around the house with his lightsaber all while Ivette, Maggie and April freaked out while they watched him on the HOH cam ("Egh! oh mah gawd! what is he doing?! egh!"). Duh, It's called being a freakin' Jedi bitches!

To no surprise, Ivette nominated Janelle and Howie for nomination. What was really disgusting was how during her nomination speech, Ivette claimed Janelle manipulated men to get so far in the game. Get off your stinkin' soap box lady and learn how to make some sense. What an idiot! It's called PLAYING the game, bitch, something you need to learn how to do instead of crying all the time about Cappy and Tushie Pie. Ivette didn't even win HOH outright, Maggie gave it to her. She's got some nerve. Then, just when you thought you were going to slit your wrists from the direction the show was going in, the evening took a glorious turn. What do you know, the force was with our girl Janey, who yes, WON THE VETO COMPETITION!! Oh the look on the nerd herd's face after Janelle's victory was priceless. Now April is up for eviction with Howie. If Ivette knew what was good for her and really wanted to win the game, she would do exactly like she said, keep Howie and get rid of April so she can secure the jury votes. But alas, she is part of the Nerd Herd and therefore will do the nerdy thing and keep April in the game. We can only hope that something will drastically change in the next 2 days and our fab Howie and his light saber will be spared. Oh Howie! You are such a beefcake!!! On a final note, I read on some of the live feed transcripts that on Monday Ivette had a little incident with the backyard BBQ. Seems like she was trying to get it started and the flames shot up and almost took all her facial hair off. That's Karma if I ever saw it. Oh c'mon people, relax! She was only slightly singed...the bitch is fine!

You be the judge.


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