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Tonight's Big Brother 6 episode started off with April and Maggie using the HOH spy cam to watch Ivette talk to Janelle and Howie. Howie basically laid the numbers on the table for Ivette and told her she really only has a shot at winning it all if she takes either him or Janelle with him because Maggie and April are partnered up. But stupid Ivette goes running back to them and tells what he said. I am so completely FED UP with Maggie's stinking sweet and innocent act! She threatens people (mainly Ivette) by saying crap like "if you go against the Friendship, that is an automatic vote against you from the Friendship." I hate her!!

I was counting the minutes for the commercial break to end so we could get a look at Ivette's girlfriend Tushie face Maggie. All I have to say is if I had a boyfriend that called me "tushie face" which essentially means "ass face," we would not last very long. Alright, so I'm not gonna lie. Tushie looks so much better in person than in that photo and I love her for saying that she did not like Cappy and hated Ivette's obsession with him. She even won more points when she said that she really liked Janelle, thought she was pretty and could understand why Ivette could be jealous. Oops, I hope she is not mad now that Janelle said she was ugly. Now the Mamma is another smart woman. She is totally on to April and also pointed out how she was upset that Ivette paid so much attention to Cappy and James and practically bailed on Beau. I can't wait till Ivette gets out of the house and hears their opinions. Mwahhahahahaha! Oh Tushie, Mamma, I love you!

I cannot handle seeing the sequester house and that bitch Jennifer. That short, fat, evil biatch should go jump in the lake. Literally. With 20 pund weights tied to her ankles. I hope James rips her apart in that sequester house. I love how Rachel's face gets so tense everytime she has to listen to her talk.

Oh Howie, I love you. Here goes the live vote..very tense right now. Janelle votes to evict April, Maggie votes to evict Howie (bitch!)..therefore, we have a tiebreaker, oh c'mon Ivette, use some we go, Ivette votes to evict Howie. What a stupid idiot. I bet Mamma and Tushie are pissed. Oh Howie, what a great guy. What a Beefcake. We'll miss you.

The next HOH competition is about to happen and I can barely stand to watch, in fear that Janelle won't win. I think I will need therapy once this damn show is over (only 2 more weeks, can you believe it?!). At least I can go vote for her again in America's Choice to have a guest appearance on Two and a Half Men. Everyone, please vote, if not only to piss of the nerd herd!

AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! JANELLE WON HOH!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!! Me hands were sweating I was so nervous during that competition! What is it about the S6 (now the S1) is that whenever they lose a team member, they come back with a vengeance and win HOH. Oh, I'm so happy. Plus, Janie will get that HOH room for the entire week, something she was robbed off the first time she won. AND, she wont have to share that room and have that slumber party like the nerd herd has. I so wish I had a screen shot of Maggie's stunned face during the end credits tonight. Neener, neener, neeener!!!

**Programming note: Saturday's episode of Big Brother will be on at 10pm.



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