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Famed photographer David LaChapelle's ego was slightly bruised when he was recently turned down for a photoshoot and the culprits were my favorite MTV sisters, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. New York Daily News reporter Lloyd Grove got an "earful o' Simpson" Tuesday night from LaChapelle for his Lowdown column:

"They're everything that's wrong with music," Out of everything combined, they're everything wrong with culture, and everything wrong with art, and what we think of as art and musical culture - in one family! "They're nothing. They have nothing. They hold no interest whatsoever for anybody. They're reality-red-carpet, lip-synching television stars. I don't know what they are beyond that. I don't think they offer anything. I was only doing it because of my relationship with Rolling Stone. We were going to try and make the Simpsons look cool. I realize now that is an impossible task."

Um, granted LaChapelle is an awesome photographer, but this also comes from a man who is good friends with Paris Hilton, so Jessica and Ashlee should take his comments with a grain of salt. A source at Simpson's camp (you know it must be Pappa Simpson) says LaChapelle is just bitter about Jessica and Ashlee's desire not to pose for him.

"When you do a cover with your sister, you both want to look like who you are," says the source. "David doesn't have that skill. The girls were looking for a photographer who wasn't a one-trick pony. He's good at what he does, but that's it."



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