Tabloid Whore!



Yah, yah, any fan of the show BLOWOUT by now knows that on tomorrow night's reunion special, the big mystery will be revealed whether or not his girlfriend Cessy (or however you spell her weird name) is pregnant. WHO CARES??!! I love Blowout, it's one of my favorite reality shows, but this season, Jonathan changed from the "Henry Rollins of hairstyling" to a big stinkin' wimp! My God, the tears, the therapy sessions and now the girlfriend...It was just too much! Whatever happened to all the great drama we saw in Season One between the hairstylists in the salon? I never thought I would miss Brandon! This season all we saw was Jonathan crying 1) to his therapist over the pressure of creating a product line 2) again to his therapist over wanting to be a good boyfriend 3) after looking at his newly design product and realizing it had a barcode 4) finding out his product was being sold in Sephora 4) finding out his product was also going to be sold on QVC. It really just got to be too much in my opinion. Gee, I can't wait to see him cry over the baby and Cessy tomorrow night and gee, um, you think he's gonna cry when he asks her to marry him? How funny would it be if he just asks her to move in? "Honey, I'm going to quit smoking for you, and now that you are carrying my child, I want you to move in with me." Perfect. Although I sympathize with his girlfriend when she told him that he fits her into his life when he only has time.

On a funny note, I have a couple good friends who own hair salons and gave me their impressions on Jonathan. The first just rolled her eyes and said "Oh God! No I do not watch that show, he has such an ego!" and the second person who actually owns a salon in Beverly Hills right near Jonathan's salon told me that he thinks the Beverly Hills salon was built strictly for the show and is not even in use anymore because everytime several of his stylists have walked by the salon, it has been empty. He too thought all Jonathan does is cry and also said, "um, he is sooooo gay!" But what about the rumor Jonathan was going to be a daddy? My spy said, "Have you ever seen him kiss his girlfriend? I'm telling you he is gay. If she is pregnant, that baby is not his!" That conversation was probably better than the whole Season 2 of Blowout. Oh how I love gossip among the hairstylists.


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