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Minute by minute random thought blogging during Big Brother Eviction Night.

The show is about to start and I have about 1% hope that Kaysar is safe. Today on the live feed boards a post popped up that claimed Jennifer or April said to Maggie said “I can’t wait to see the look on Janelle’s face tonight,” which jumped started me heart. Then the moderator asked for confirmation from someone else monitoring the feeds that it really happened and no one responded so the post was deleted. Argh.

Here we go, show is starting…….8:00pm. Kaysar looks very nice. Ha. Everyone is learning about James' backstabbing…his days are numbered. On a side note, Janelle and Kaysar would make an incredibly hot couple. That is, after Kaysar and I. Um, April is talking about her husband, who the hell is “pepperoni?” Seriously, I missed something. Can someone please slap Ivette talking about her Ghetto slllllide? Oh sweet lord, now Ivette is talking about how completely lost she is without Crappy (AGAIN). What freakin losers! Piling all their keys on top of Eric’s? Losers! What is with the fascination?!!! OH MY GOD!!! The ghost of Crappy’s past is in the house! Please, allow me to say it again, “what f’ing losers!!!!” Their stupid obsession with him is the reason Kaysar is leaving tonight and trust me, it will come back to bite them in the ass, starting with Maggie. I really hate going into an eviction night knowing what is going to happen, it is so depressing. That is, unless it’s to get rid of someone like Crappy.

Ok, I will not, I repeat, will not make any comments about James’ mother. And her lisp. Or her long hair. She does seem sweet. Sarah’s parents are wearing buttons of her, I think. But it looks like a child’s picture? Sarah is a really pretty girl, even if she can’t spell for shit.

THE BIG TWIST!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOOOO! WE GET TO VOTE SOMEONE BACK INTO THE HOUSE! WE GET TO VOTE SOMEONE BACK IN THE HOUSE!!!!! KAYSAR IS COMING BACK I JUST KNOW IT!!!!!!! I must get up and dance……This is the best twist ever! Every wrap up, blog, message board I have read leading up to this point has Kaysar as the favorite. Hands down, my hot Iraqi love machine is coming back!!!!!!!! Ok. Now I can handle the eviction better…Here we go……Kaysar has been evicted. 7 to 1????? WTF?? Those numbers piss me off.

Julie Chen is undressing Kaysar with her eyes right now. He has really nice hair.
Must watch Kaysar on Early Show with Madame glitter Chen and log onto at 10am Friday and not be writing in blog. Or working. Will install cardboard door and roof in cubicle as to not be disturbed.

Howie is the new HOH. YAAY HOWIE!

The twist has just been revealed to the houseguests and the Cappyites have no idea that America hates him!!! I love it!! They think he is coming back and they have no idea it ain’t happening!



Blogger jizzy said...

Ya, Kaysar WILL return, no doubt about it!

I've been waiting very patiently for Julie to finally utter the sacred line I have always loved. There is no ecstasy in the world better than hearing Julie blurting out the classic line - "a secret that will send shockwaves through the house". And she finally did say it tonight!!! I truly love those "shockwaves"! I hope nobody got electrocuted by them (except Ivette and Beau, that is).

I knew they'd be bringing someone back into the house as far back as eviction #1 - Julie was so obvious in reiterating to each evicted houseguest that "but remember, this is the summer of secrets....". Duh! I'm just glad that they waited until Kaysar got evicted to implement the "secret" plan.

Gotta love that HUGE crucifix on James' parents' wall! Hilarious! His mother brought him up to be a devout religious Catholic and then he goes and swears/lies on the Bible! James be damned! Bwahahaha!

Best moment of the night (bar Julie's "shockwaves" comment) was learning that evicted non-entity Ashlea left seclusion and became ineligible for re-entry!!! Hahahahahahhahahahaha! I guess she realized no one would vote for her anyway - and she probably just didn't care to go back into that silly madhouse. Poor, poor girl.

I can't wait to see all the 'Cappy-ites' faces when they realize muscle-headed lunkhead Eric AIN'T coming back into the house next week. But that does mean we will have to watch Ivette whine, cry, and bitch even more. Ugh! Please kill me now.

11:20 PM, August 04, 2005  

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